Editorial Services

I offer supportive notes on your work with constructive edits that will inspire and challenge you to look for possibilities in your writing. I emphasize craft and literary technique in helping writers complete effective revisions. I can tailor a plan based on your budget and timeline.

My Process

I provide detailed guidelines for revision to improve the structure of your manuscript, its clarity, character and plot development, and narrative flow. Your manuscript pages will be edited with comments/questions and you’ll receive a general critique with broader advice. I offer notes with careful attention to your style, suggestions for improvement in language and syntax, as well as characterization and pacing.

My primary focus is on structure, style, and content. I point out structural difficulties, plot or thematic inconsistencies, and areas where the writing can be strengthened. With these detailed notes in hand, you’ll know where to focus your attention during revisions.

Additional Services

I also offer consultations to writers who want to learn about the publishing process, from developing a strong book proposal to finding and getting an agent to landing a book deal to publishing a book.

Write Me

My rates are available on request. I’m happy to edit a page of your manuscript to determine if I’m the right editor for you. You can contact me at nicki@nickirichesin.com.